Top 10 Brands Of Football Shirts

They wore variations on the kit made until 1981 by fashion designer Daniel Hechter, then the president of the club. Johan Cruyff was such a fan of Hechter that he played two games for PSG in a pre-season tournament in 1975. There is nothing wrong with simplicity, this list has been shown ten times, but some clubs are not doing it easily. Blue shirts, accompanied by white, red and black stripes, are not allowed to work on paper, but they are in practice. Inspired by the city of Madrid and love for the club around the world, adidas has taken Real Madrid’s iconic white and introduced a subtle spiral image designed on the fabric of the homemade sweater. The spiral design reflects the fountains in Plaza de Cibeles, an area of Madrid synonymous with the club, a place where fans gather to celebrate the winning titles.

This mid-1960s kit, with its sunken V-neck and striking black insignia, was worn with distinction by a young man named Pelé. This elegant blue vintage football shirts and white zigzag design is remarkably well obsolete. The following season, they won the first of their 13 league titles with Ferguson.

There will also be a pink and black Arctic visitor shirt with a white background. PSG deserves fifth place on the list of the 10 best football shirts of all time for their sponsorship and their new jersey. With its worldwide sponsorship and sales agreements, Bayern Munich generates huge revenues and ranks seventh on the list of the best football shirts in history. This year, Bayern Munich changed its home shirt / kit and the new shirt is deep red in color with a lighter shade.

Just as great art is not always appreciated in the artist’s life, this abstract kit made fun of the release, but has become a cult classic. Designed by KingRoo, each t-shirt was really different from the previous one because they couldn’t control printing in different sizes. At the time, opposition players refused to exchange T-shirts after the games, but Australian fans have come to love what they called the “braak shirt” because of the rebellious brush strokes and bright colors. The Socceroos qualified for the 1992 Olympics, where they simply missed the bronze using the bronze. PSG was founded in 1970 after the merger of Paris Football Club and Stade Saint-Germain, and they started using this red stripe with white trim on a navy blue background in 1974.

Argentina has a lot of sponsorship from t-shirts, including Adidas, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s. Argentinians wear blue in the equipment, while their homemade shirts are light blue with stripes on their shoulders. According to last year’s PSG review, 750,000 shirts were sold worldwide, making large amounts of money. The new homemade Paris Saint-Germain sweater will be solid navy blue with white red trim along the sleeves and neck.

While the team wore these blouses with the three classic stripes on their arms, Cruijff had only two stripes due to a collision with his personal Puma agreement. That was no problem at the 1978 World Cup, since Cruijff did not go to Argentina. Despite leading the Dutch to the final, he left international football after a terrifying kidnapping attempt at the family home when he was held at gunpoint. The Netherlands reached the final but lost to the hosts. These maroon and white diamonds show that innovations in football shirts are still possible in 2020.

Lazio wore one of the most iconic designs in football history in the early 1980s when they wore the eagle shirt. The shirt had stretched out the club mascot, an eagle, giving the Italian team a unique look. In 2018, Lazio brought the shirt back to the delight of both fans and t-shirt collectors.

A classic royal blue sweater with a gold mark is all that world champions deserve to wear. This project took over a year to assemble and the presented shirts were selected and ordered by a panel of four, all of whom share their passion for the excellent design of football shirts. It’s time to pay tribute to all the good things about football shirt design and antidote to the growing gallop of lazy-written waste that bursts out the same tired content as ever.

The shirt has been criticized by fans of American football. But praised by football shirt collectors around the world. Along with red shorts and navy socks, the Yankees have never looked so good on the football field.

The club repeats that the “greatness” or “greatness” of the club always comes from the community that supports the team: winning or losing. In addition to the base of the shirt, the kit returns to the use of the club “Lucky Orange” and “High-Res Blue”, which can be found in the sponsor and chain, to the three iconic adidas stripes. We try to choose a little darker, slightly underestimated, but sometimes it is too difficult to miss one of the most successful, important and damn football shirts of all time.