10 Tips For Designing Large Living Rooms And Other Uncomfortable Spaces

Heal the accessories and artwork around you carefully to attract attention, as interior designer Lexi Westergard did here. “My client wanted a photo of her children by the fireplace, so we put some vintage artwork in the room to create a more relaxed and healed look,” says Westergard. She explains that the sconces helped complete the vignette and space as a whole. “They gave the opportunity to add mood lighting at night and further improved the ability to create the perfect and cozy space.” A black marble fireplace provides the perfect balance between avant-garde and timeless. Anchor this living room designed by Arent & Pyke, which will feature a contemporary jute carpet lift, light and modern artwork and a well-formed table lamp.

A discreet palette means you can focus on incredible interior architecture and dramatic statements. Just choose a shade and some selected essentials, like in this modern blue room designed by Robson Rak. Relaxing tones and spherical shapes everywhere, from the marble side table to the hanging light and the round sofa, give you the feeling that you have a hug in the shape of a living room. “The soft pink was used here as a neutral base and connected all other elements through the space,” says the design duo behind 2LG Studio.

Hidden in a computer file, my clients took these beautiful family portraits made by a very talented photographer. They had a hard time deciding which one to print and display, so instead of choosing the dreaded task, I suggested two gallery walls to fill the empty spaces and show the warmth and love captured in them. Whether you’re playing games at the huge dining table that has turned into a coffee table or is in the big part watching movies, it’s a fun, bright and child-friendly space they love to share with family and friends.” The contrast of Connie Vernichsays is the king in making striking and welcoming designs. Offer the surrounding original features a modern upgrade with a new coat of paint and light touch-ups.

And because the armchairs are a classic silhouette, they will last forever – you can recover them over the years with different colors and prints while changing your taste and style. What kind of light emits that soft, warm shine you long for when you curl on the couch?? Instead of sticking to basic table lamps, House of Jade Interiors interior designer Kirsten Krason advises on a curved floor lamp. “We love to use footlights to fill the visual space and attract attention,” she says. “A layered floor lamp with side table creates much more visual interest than just a side table with table lamp.” Interior designer Ginger Curtis of Urbanology Designs says that natural wood is an option to make a large, open living room feel warm and welcoming.

The use of texture in the interior goes hand in hand with the color palette. When the living room is airy and light, a brick wall makes all the difference. Glass partitions and transparent windows also sound very good with dark tones. Although classic and timeless, this room from interior designer Kevin Dumais also has a lot of fun. From the red painted ceiling to the extra seat velvet cushions and the bold artwork, no detail is overlooked.

Start rearranging the furniture to play with the design of your living room and change the look. Buy some frames and update your artificial wall decor with easy-to-find family photos, prints and posters. Add green to houseplants to increase space and think about painting a wall or two to create more depth. These small steps can make a big difference in the appearance of your living space without having to spend a fortune for it. From furniture considerations to paint colors, designs and floors, regardless of the size, shape or orientation of your living room, we’ve gone into the details you need to know to help you make the right decisions. If you’ve read all the practical tips, check out our living room ideas for lots of beautiful decor inspiration.

For the living room, the Kentucky-based decorator combined a classic sofa with armchairs into a blue plaid fabric . Amy Elbaum used a rich color and texture, in addition to a painting that stops the show, to create warmth and wealth in a small, architecturally indistinguishable space. She explains: ‘In this small living room of apartments we minimalist living room interior wanted to create a relaxing and intimate space for the customer and his growing family. Many comfortable chairs lined with rich velvet and mohair combined with a wool rug with pattern give the room a warm and cozy feeling. Built-in shelves and cocktail tables provide the storage and surface space needed to create a functional yet cozy room.”

It’s not so much about where you put your furniture, but about the style of pieces you choose. “In every room I design, I try to record at least one round piece, like a coffee table, so people can walk without falling to their knees,” said interior designer Katie Rosenfeld. ‘I also add some armchairs and a versatile piece, such as a garden stool that can be used as a stool to sit on or as a table for a drink.”